Ironman Canada

Well, I finished Ironman Canada yesterday at 13:32, my slowest finish, ever. 2013 has been a very difficult year. I did not do the training required. My longest run was a single 15 mile run five weeks ago. I crashed hard on the bike in June and haven’t been able to ride or swim due to a bad wrist injury. However, I was convinced I needed to get to the start line and finish. And that’s what I did.

The swim venue is amazing and the swim went well. Pro tip: swim on the inside of the sighting lines for this one between the turns. Lots of open water there.

The bike was brutal. I was on target to do a 6 hour bike split through the first half of the bike. I was pacing. But in Pemberton the course presents a 30-35 mile time trial pure flat course. There was lots of drafting going on. No wonder. The flat is a massive trap. I over worked here and came to the climb at mile 90 a bit tapped. Then there’s the 30K climb from Pemberton back to Whistler which is a killer. That shattered me.

Here I am coming in from the bike. Happy. I couldn’t wait to start the run, that’s how tough the bike was on this course.

Dismounting bike

I was able to run on the course and was basically happy with my performance considering my lack of training. I wore my Hokas on the course and appreciated how they kept me from experiencing extreme pain toward the end of the marathon.


I will publish my Garmin files for altitude changes on the course when I get back to the bay area later this week.


Checking in at the swim to bike transition

Kevin and Duane standing in front of the Ironman Canada swim course.



Bike is ready for Ironman Canada


Mountain Biking

Top of the 680 Trail

Here’s a picture from the top of the 680 trail near my house. It’s a magical place.



Starting up.

Starting up, again.