Everyone likes my Slow Stew ™ coffee. People ask about the process all the time. Here it is. I slow oxidize a pot of coffee on a scorching hot warming pad for 2-3 hours, or until the coffee maker decides to turn off. Then I continue to oxidize slowly. Around 4 pm, when it is time to think about dinner, I grab a local pickle jar out of my cub board and slow pour the coffee in to the jar. Then it goes in to the fridge at the fridge temperature to slow stew. It is ready whenever. No need to buy @bluebottle or @ritualcoffee or some other corporate coffee when you can make your own. If I leave it in the fridge for a couple weeks, nitro is added by Yahoodi, the guy who turns off the light when I close the door of the Fridge-a-dare.

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