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Clean White Theme for Hugo

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Clean White Theme for Hugo CleanWhite is a clean, elegant, but fully functional blog theme for Hugo. Here is a live demo site using this theme. It is based on huxblog Jekyll Theme and Clean Blog Jekyll Theme. These two upstream projects have done awesome jobs to create a blog theme, what I’m doing here is porting it to Hugo, of which I like the simplicity and the much faster compiling speed.

Istio 0.8 Release发布


在6月1日这一天的早上,Istio社区宣布发布0.8 Release,除了常规的故障修复和性能改进外,这个儿童节礼物里面还有什么值得期待内容呢?让我们来看一看:

Everything about Setting Up My Ubuntu Desktop

Everything about setting up my own ubuntu desktop, it's just a Note in case I need it later